Keeping your car clean is not always an easy task. However, most people want their ride to shine both inside and out. Below are some tips on how to detail your car which you find helpful.

Where to start

Detailing may seem like a large job. As a result, you may find yourself wondering where to start. It is always best to begin by washing the outside of your vehicle first. Once washing is completed the ground around the car will be wet and you may step in mud or sticky dirt. Such debris may be tracked inside the interior. Thoroughly was the outside of the car then move it to an alternate location.

Washing the outside of your car

You will need to select a car wash or detergent that is safe for automotive paint so that the finish does not become damaged. Predator offers a soap that is perfect for this purpose. You will also need a soft cloth and a water hose.

Begin washing the car in sections. Start at the front of the vehicle and work your way back. Once one portion is clean rinse it well and move to the next section. After each part of the car has been cleaned perform a complete second rinsing of the entire surface. Now you may either hand dry the automobile with a soft towel or simply drive it down the highway to air dry. However, be certain to use one of these methods of drying to prevent spotting.

How to detail you car interior

The inside of your car may actually need the most attention as it is where passenger ride. There are several areas which will need to be addressed. Here is a list of areas which will need your focus.

• Remove the floor mats and clean them with an appropriate shampoo. Set them aside to air dry.

• Clean any spots you may see on the cars actual carpeting. This may be done by hand or with a hand held carpet shampooer. You may need a brush with firm bristles to remove any stubborn stains or sticky substances found.

•The cars upholstery will need to be cleaned. If it is cloth upholstery clean it in the same manner as you cleaned the carpeting. If the vehicle has leather seats you will need to clean them with a special leather cleaner. Predator has an excellent leather cleaner which you may purchase.

• Check door jams for any dirt or mud. Take a wet rag and wipe any such debris away.

• Thoroughly clean the dashboard, steering wheel, and column with a wet cloth. Next, wipe them down with a protectant.

• Wash all interior windows with an appropriate window cleanser.

If you follow these tips on how to detail your car you will find the job to be considerably easier. Also, you may want to check out the follow link . Here you will find a barrage of wonderful products offered by predator. Each will make the task of detailing much easier.

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