A vehicle functions well, when it is in good condition. It is not uncommon for many enthusiastic automobile owners going at great lengths to have car detailing solutions to keep their wheels going steady and continuously running. The speed, mileage and exhaust of the car often depend on these maintenance factors. Car detailing solutions is usually associated with looks of the vehicle. The vehicle engineers define car detailing as the hygiene of the vehicle. In other words, car detailing solutions refer to cleaning the vehicle to the best possible level. Car detailing solutions are usually divided into two wide categories; namely the interior and exterior car detailing solutions.

What car detailing solutions?
As mentioned above, car detailing solutions is a cleaning and touch up process, in which the automobile is spruced up, polished and certain value enhancement features, are incorporated onto to the vehicle. However, the detailing process does not involve the service and maintenance of mechanical and auto sections such as the gearbox and engine, or any automotive part for that matter. In most cases, the detail servicemen or mechanics clean the exterior and interior of the automobile, then comes the vacuuming and tire cleaning. Apart from that, all the surfaces are spruced up. Mirrors, windows and dashboards are also wiped up in the process. Once all this is finished, the vehicle is polished with the use of special car polishing or waxing solutions. Some automobile owners may also choose a Teflon coat on the car’s exterior metallic surfaces.

Although the average cost of car detailing solutions is not extreme, you’ll of course have to take into account some important rates that should be paid in order to finish the entire process. The costs of car detailing solutions are determined by some selected aspects such as the condition and size of the car. For instance, SUV owners are charged more because the car has more surface area as compared to most of the other cars. In certain cases, sports cars are also charged more, as they require an elaborate and precise detailing.

Interior detailing
The interior car detailing solutions basically involves four processes: touch ups, polishing, washing and vacuuming. The vacuuming typically doesn’t cost much but touch up and polishing requires some considerable amount of cash. The washing entails the use of special wash solutions and carpet shampoos.

Exterior detailing
The exterior touch up is a bit cheaper compared to the interior car detailing solutions as there are only minor functions to be taken care of, such as tire cleaning, polish and wash. For larger vehicles, the charges are more.

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