Even a single week’s worth of grime can hurt your car’s paint job and make it look older than it really is, but knowing the right car cleaning tips can prevent this. In this article, we’ll share our six most powerful tips for getting the best possible shine out of your car.

Tip 1: Wash your car in a shaded area.

If your car’s surface is hot, soapy water will dry too quickly and leave streaks and mineral deposits on the surface. Some chemicals in soap can even be corrosive to a painted surface, so park your car in the shade for at least an hour before washing it to ensure that it’s cool enough to avoid this.

Tip 2: Use a liberal amount of water throughout the wash.

This is one of the more important car cleaning tips out there, and for good reason. Expect to use enough water to fill a small swimming pool. You should presoak your car to remove any heavy dirt clods or rocks that can scratch your car’s surface during scrubbing. While washing your car, you should rinse off the sponge before putting it back in the soapy water, or soon you will be spreading dirt instead of removing it. Also, rinse your car thoroughly after you’re finished scrubbing. Rinse it again when you think you’re finished rinsing. This will make it much less likely that soap or other impurities will remain to dry onto your car.

Tip 3: Take a thoughtful approach to your scrub.

Plan out your wash to remove the maximum amount of dirt. That means starting at the roof, then moving to the hood and trunk, then the tops of the sides, and finally the bottoms and underside. One of the more powerful car cleaning tips along these lines is to use a different sponge for the tires and rims than the one you use for the body of your car. This prevents you from picking up small rocks and dirt clods found on your tires and dragging them across the painted surface. Always move the sponge lengthwise as well, as circular motion can produce small scratches that are very evident when the car is clean.

Tip 4: Use an appropriate car cleaner.

Many car cleaning tips say to use mild soap, but many soaps can have impurities and corrosive chemicals that can dissolve your car’s finish. We recommend to use specialized car cleaners and waxes, since these are designed to do the job without causing any damage.

Tip 5: Dry your car thoroughly.

Do not let your car air dry or attempt to dry it by driving it around the neighborhood, as this can leave streaks where hard water leaves mineral deposits on your car’s finish. Instead, use a specialized absorbent cloth and try to remove as much moisture as possible.

Tip 6: Use a high quality exterior wax.

An exterior wax is important because it resists dirt and helps to prevent water streaks. Invest in a high quality brand, since this can make a real difference in the quality of your car’s shine.

With some planning and the proper attention given to the details of a good car wash, the results are immediately noticeable and can remain for weeks. By following these car cleaning tips, you can make even an older car look its best again.

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