Wheel & Tire Care Products

Have you ever seen the results of someone spending a good deal of time detailing their car but forgetting to clean their wheels and tires? It’s disappointing, to say the least. And then there’s the problem of not knowing which tire cleaner to buy and winding up using a product made with harsh acids or damaging detergents. These products can both harm the environment and do damage to the rubber on your tires. In fact, they can even affect the paint job around your wheels.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to keep your tires and wheels shiny and clean. The answer lies in the acid-free, polymer-based Predator Series wheel and tire care products. Our products are specially formulated to cut through road grime, grease and brake dust without being harsh or corrosive to your tires, wheels or paint job. All you’re left with is the fresh scent and look of shiny wheels rolling under your well-detailed vehicle.


Tire Dressing

Produces a superior shine without the stickness of normal silicones.


Wheel Cleaner

Quickly removes stains and grime from wheel surfaces.


Predator Series for a Safe, Clean Shine

Safer than acidic products on the market today, the Predator Series wheel and tire care products deliver more shine in less time and without harmful effects to you, your tires or the environment. It’s no wonder, since the Predator Series line of products is the result of JBS Industries’ four decades of expertly manufacturing and supplying cleaning products to leading national car washes.

For a name you can trust to keep your tires clean, get the Predator Series line of wheel and tire cleaning products now.