Waxes & Protectants

Waxes & Protectant Products

Regardless of how much you think your vehicle’s paint job is safe from the elements, the fact remains that on most cars, there’s only a thin manufacturer’s clear coat protecting the paint underneath it. And when you think of the cumulative effects of road grit, salt, rocks, bird droppings, sunlight, exhaust, bug splatter and more, it’s clear that your vehicle deserves the best when it comes to waxing and applied protectants.

Of course, if you’ve ever shopped for car waxes, you already know how many items are on the market that are either overpriced and do little or require some complex application process that not even a professional car detailer could hope to get right. Fortunately, with the Predator Series selection of waxes and protectants, you get easy-to-use products that give you professional-grade results.


Shine Time

Incredible long lasting water repellant and gloss enhancer.


Premium Wax

Removes surface contaminants and leaves long lasting protection.


One Time Wax

Removes dull film, oil smudges, oxidation and light scratches on all auto surfaces.


Revival Creme

Blend of carnauba and other fine waxes and resins to leave a deep lustrous finish.


Golden Creme Wax

Fast and easy one-step wax cleans, polishes and protects in one easy application.


Quick Detailer

Instantly cleans and shines multiple surfaces including: glass, trim, chrome, clear coat and gel coat.


Predator Series for Maximum Protection and Professional Results

They say it takes know-how and skill to come up with a best-in-class product, and we couldn’t agree more. At JBS Industries, we’ve been supplying the nation’s leading car washes with their safe and trusted cleaning products for the last four decades — so it didn’t take us long to also understand the problems car owners face when waxing their cars and protecting their paint jobs. That’s why we got to work on a solution that would be simple to apply, yet it would give noticeable results that leave customers feeling they made the right choice for their vehicle.

Isn’t it time you helped your car’s paint job hold onto its showroom shine? With Predator Series waxes and protectant products, you won’t be disappointed. Stand up to grit and contaminants with Predator waxes.

Contact us to get the entire Predator Series — including premium waxes and protectant products — now.