Premium Vehicle Soaps

If you think all soaps are created equal, think again! After all, why do most people have dishwashing soap, hand soap and shampoo all in their homes? The answer is simple: Each soap is created specifically to combat the type of dirt and materials it’s expected to work on. That’s why, just like you wouldn’t use shampoo to clean your dishes, you shouldn’t use any old soap — like dishwashing detergent — to clean your car.

The fact of the matter is that many soaps are designed to remove as much oil and grease as possible. This is why you use dishwashing soap on your plates after a meal, so you get that squeaky-clean feel. But if you were to use that same soap on your vehicle, it could also strip away waxes and sealants, leaving your paint to fade prematurely.


Predator Shampoo

Provides excellent cleaning, foaming and lubricity.


Predator Series — Premium Vehicle Soaps Designed to Safely Clean

The good news is that the Predator Series premium vehicle soaps are formulated to safely lift dirt, grease and grime away from your vehicle’s paint job — without stripping away or breaking down valuable waxes and protectants. It’s why, when you feel and see our premium vehicle soaps in action, you’ll want the whole Predator Series line for your car’s care.

Our soaps foam up quickly, so there’s never any extra effort needed to get the dirt off while keeping your paint protected. Moreover, they’re pH balanced to rinse off clean and leave no filmy residue behind.

For professional results that leave your car sparkling, get Predator Series premium vehicle soaps now.