Marine & Vehicle Polishes

You’re not alone if you have a garage full of old marine and vehicle polishes that simply don’t live up to their hype. It seems as if after spending more time on packaging and marketing than formulating a good polish, some marine and auto care product manufacturers are just out to make a quick sale.

Of course, since the Predator Series of marine and vehicle polishes is the brainchild of JBS Industries — with four decades of experience manufacturing and supplying professional grade cleaning products to the top car washes in the nation — our product is formulated with results in mind.


Clear Coat Polish

One-step cleaner, polish and wax.


Cleaner & Gloss Polish

Eliminates swirl marks and hairline scratches after compounding.


Metal Polish & Rust Remover

Removes oxidation, accumulated brake dust and corrosion.


Predator Series Polishes for a Deep-Clean Shine

From a dulled gel coat on your fiberglass hull to a road-weary finish on your car’s exterior, a polish that’s going to bring the showroom shine back to your prized possession has its work cut out for it. That’s why we chose the shark for our mascot on our product’s label — we’re not afraid of a challenge when it comes to either the corrosive effects of the sun’s rays and saltwater or the build-up of road grease and dirt.

The Predator Series polishes are effective for removing everything from water spots to paint blemishes, as well as reversing the effects of oxidation. You work less to get back to the shine you want.

Make the Switch to the Predator Series

When you’re ready to say goodbye to all those products that didn’t work and get a showroom shine you can be proud of, ditch the hype — and switch to the Predator Series.

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