Marine & Vehicle Interior Care Products

There’s a big difference in caring for the outside of your car or boat and taking care of its interior. And since the interior is where you and your passengers spend the most amount of time enjoying your vehicle, keeping it clean is as important to get right as is keeping its exterior free of dirt and scratches.

The good news is that now you don’t have to wade through a bunch of mediocre products to get your boat’s or car’s interior clean. Instead, with the Predator Series full line of marine and vehicle interior care products, you get everything from the galley on your boat to the dashboard on your car in showroom condition.


Leather Cleaner

Safely deep cleans and lifts away dirt and oil build-up.


All Surface Cleaner

Quickly and effectively removes soils that are encountrered in daily cleaning.


Carpet Cleaner & Spot Remover

Quickly removes and dissolves stubborn stains from indoor and outdoor fabrics.


Glass Cleaner

Quickly cuts through fingerprints and other solid encountered on glass surfaces.


Vinyl Rubber & Plastic Conditioner

The fast and easy way to shine vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces.


Leather Lotion

A rich, creamy conditioner and preservative designed to restore and conserve fine leather.


Predator Series for Professional Results

With damaging rays from the sun and the dirt, dust and grease from the outside tracked inside, you can’t forget about the interior of your vehicle when it comes to your regular cleaning and care schedule. Let’s face it — there’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful outside finish on a boat or car, only to get inside and find it’s a mess.

However, it’s also understandable if you’ve used a bunch of interior cleaners before and were left with less-than-superior results. The difference is in the product. After four decades of manufacturing and supplying leading national car washes with cleaning products, JBS Industries has formulated the entire Predator Series to give car and boat owners top-notch professional results — both on the interior and exterior of their vehicles.

Our products are rigorously tested so you only get safe, effective and shining results that make you want to show off your whole vehicle.

Get the entire Predator Series — including marine and vehicle interior care products — now.