Clean & Prep

Vehicle & Marine Clean & Prep Products

When it’s time to clean your boat or car, do you rush in with the soap but get disappointed with the results? The trick, of course, is to get better cleaning and prep products than the ones you’re using. But with all the hype and numbers of products on the market today, how do you decide which product is up to the job at hand?

What you need is the Predator Series line of vehicle and marine clean and prep products. Developed by JBS Industries, which has been manufacturing and supplying leading national car washes with cleaning products since 1979 — the Predator Series gives ordinary car and boat owners access to professional grade vehicle and marine cleaning products.


Aggressive Cutting Compound

Removes heavy scratches, oxidation, orange peel and acid rain damage.


Machine Glaze

Removes wet sand scratches and imperfections on refinished paints.


Clear Coat Compound

A non-scratch, machine cleaner designed for base/clear coat auto paints.


Prep-Clay Fluid

Designed for lubrication of Prep-Clay Light and Prep-Clay Dark.


Prep-Clay Light

To use on Light colored vehicles.


Prep-Clay Dark

To use on Dark colored vehicles.


Predator Series for Pre-Wax Cleaners

Getting the paint job on your car or the gel coat on your boat ready to give up its dirt and grime is no easy task — unless you’re using Predator Series clean and prep products. To get the deep-clean, exfoliated look you’re going for, you need to use more than plain old soap that often just moves the dirt around instead of lifting it out and removing it.

Moreover, when it’s time to polish your boat or car, the results will never be as good if you fail to use a clean and prep product that prepares the surface. The way to get and keep that lustrous shine you’re after is to first get your boat or car really clean. Then — and only then — you can apply polish and wax to a truly clean vehicle.

Ready for showroom results? Contact us to get the Predator Series, including vehicle and marine clean and prep products, now.