Body Shop Safe

Body Shop Safe Vehicle Care Products

If there’s one thing all auto body shops have in common, it’s the need to stock and use premium vehicle care products that will do no harm to the paint jobs and finishes they work so hard to put on their customers’ cars. Of course, as anyone in the body shop and vehicle detailing business will tell you, there are plenty of products on the market that promise a great deal — but fail to deliver.

So if your job involves putting a showroom shine on your clients’ cars, whose product can your trust to be both gentle enough on the paint and tough enough on dirt, grease and other contaminants to get the job done to a professional’s level?

The Predator Series Is the Answer

You can trust the entire line of Predator Series body shop safe premium vehicle care products to give you the professional results you want. Why? All of our products are formulated for both safety and results based on our four decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying the nation’s leading car washes with their cleaning products.

At JBS Industries, when we come up with a solution — like the Predator Series of premium vehicle care products — it’s designed to work so that you notice the difference from its very first application. We know the showroom shine you’re after, and our products can help you get it.

From clean and prep products to soaps and interior products, the entire Predator Series is safe for use and big on results.

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Aggressive Cutting Compound

Removes heavy scratches, oxidation, orange peel and acid rain damage.


Machine Glaze

Removes wet sand scratches and imperfections on refinished paints.


Clear Coat Compound

A non-scratch, machine cleaner designed for base/clear coat auto paints.


Prep-Clay Dark

To use on Dark colored vehicles.


Prep-Clay Light

To use on Light colored vehicles.