Get our Premium Vehicle Care Products

The wait is over for a showroom shine on your car, boat or RV! The entire line of Predator Series premium vehicle care products is here! Let us know the product numbers you are interested in and we will happily provide a quote for your order! What’s more, with the Predator Series, using these products doesn’t require any complicated processes, lengthy training or expensive equipment to get professional results you’ll be pleased with for days and months to come.

To keep your vehicle’s finish clean and protected, here are just a few of the product categories you’ll definitely want to check out:

  • Soaps: Our selection of dedicated automotive soaps is specifically designed to attack dirt, salt and debris while at the same time being safe for your vehicle’s paint and protective finishes. Don’t be fooled by lesser products that can dull or do damage to the exterior of your car.
  • Clean and prep: From removing bugs and grease to tar and wax, whatever you need to do to get your vehicle ready for cleaning, we have the products to do the job with ease. Instead of sealing in dirt, why not get down to the shine you want with our clean and prep products?
  • Polishes: Get the old wax off your car, minimize scratches and enhance the shine of your paint job. Our car polishing products give your vehicle that deep-clean look that says you really know how to care for your vehicle.
  • Waxes and protectants: For a professional shine that leaves no residue or smudges behind, our line of waxes and protectants are formulated with results in mind. Even after just one application of Predator Series car wax, you’ll never want to be without this product again.

Get the complete Predator Series now!