About Us

Our Mission Statement

To provide the weekend warrior or seasoned detailer with a line of car care products that offers modern technology to preserve and renew the finish of every vehicle.

About Us

Predator Series is a new venture born from JBS Industries, a leader in commercial cleaners.  Predator Series materialized when owner Scott Baeten realized a need for a car care line of products to offer professional grade, easy to use and easy to follow instructions for the ordinary car owner.

Everyday contaminates, weather, and time contribute to damaging the finish of automotive and marine vehicles.  Without proper care of their finish, they are put in high risk of rusting and oxidation creating permanent damage resulting in costly repairs or worse, required replacement.

The Predator Series is a complete line of automotive and marine care products that are specially designed with the user in mind. The products are easily handled and applied to the surface of any car, boat or RV.

The goal of Predator Products is to provide a solution to keeping vehicles looking new day after day, preserving the finish fresh off the dealer lot.

We have chosen a shark as our image to honor our roots in South Carolina. The shark also embodies what our brand does.  We are tenacious and resilient. Cutting through dirt with ease, removing water spots and contaminates without hesitation and eliminating scratches and oxidation every time.

Everyone you encounter on the road will fear your finish.  Be feared today.